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Robert (Bobbee) B

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BB-Photography Event/Wedding/Portrait Photography
Huntsville, Alabama
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Photographer in Huntsville, Alabama

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BB-Photography delivers outstanding formal and candid photographs of your wedding. BB-Photography has extensive experience shooting weddings, events and posing people. BB-Photography's equipment is state of the art and of the highest level which allows us to deliver unprecedented, beautiful pictures. BB-Photography's middle name is 'reliable', are also very punctual. BB-photography photographers have never been late or cancelled a wedding. BB-Photography is always just a phone call away up to and after your wedding day. BB-Photography feels it is an honor that you selected our studio to capture your wedding day. BB-Photography will treat it with the most respect and honor. It is a special day for you, it is the same for BB-Photography. BB-Photography photographers are always early and do not leave till the 'opera girl' sings. BB-Photography knows their purpose and are an important part of your wedding. BB-Photography are elusive and unassuming in our approach. BB-Photography will be that silent factor at your wedding. We know our jobs and do it without direction. BB-Photographers makes you fully comfortable and make it clear that if you or your guest want pictures, just call us by name or approach us. We are there to serve. Typical timelines are: • Pre-Wedding, 'getting ready' • Approach • Ceremony • Formals • Reception Entrance • Reception: B&G dance, Mom and Dad Dance, Toast, Cake, Garter and Flower Throw. • Exit While this is the typical approach, you may have your own ideas and we are very anxious to hear them and work with them. BB-Photography loves out of the ordinary, fringes ideas. BB-Photography will provide a Wedding Shoot list to help you pick your formals and not miss a important photograph. BB-Photography will review with you all the timing for all the photographic requirements. Based on shots required, BB-Photography will help you schedule enough time to get what you want. BB-Photography has extensive experience in scheduling and are good at coordination. BB-Photography is dedicated to capturing photographs of your wedding and especially you. BB-Photography pairs with you all night to get the important candid and semi-formal shots of you, your family and guests at the party. BB-Photography also interact with your guests to get photographs of tables and couples who attend your wedding. BB-Photography has, and comes with a enormous amount of equipment, we have backups to our backups. As experienced photographers BB-Photography knows equipment failure. Previous Brides and Grooms were never aware of any particular equipment failure. BB-Photography are prepared both on an equipment and experience level to bypass the difficulty and keep the show rolling. If you think about it, nobody should be aware of this. That is our job. The main photographer that coves you carries TWO cameras at all times during the wedding. BB-Photography shoots with at least one additional photographer. Most times there is a third. All capturing different points of view of your wedding which gives you many, many more pictures to view and select for your end game. BB-Photography has been shooting weddings and events for years. BB-Photography knows how to capture your images in a relaxed environment. This is not your typical pay us and get a product type of engagement. Hiring a photographer for your wedding is much more than about showing up with a camera and repeatedly hitting the shutter button. There is so much more that goes into shooting a wedding, You may or may not know what that is...but we do. View our samples, BB-Photography strives to deliver quality, consistently, wedding after wedding. BB-Photography knows before the equipment is assembled, what is expected. You will get our very best work and 110% of our attention. BB-Photography listens to you and will work with you on your vision. We over think all our shots, but with experience behind every click of the shutter. While formal shots are the quintessential hallmark of all wedding photography, many times our Brides and Grooms come back and remark on the 'other' pictures we take of the wedding. That classic shot of mom or grandma emotionally hugging the Bride or Groom is what memories are made of. BB-Photography look for the emotion and try to capture it, After all, weddings are all about emotion. You should 'sigh' when viewing our pictures. BB-Photography is contractually bound. Provide is the BB-Photography standard contract and can alter any part to make you comfortable and cover your needs. The contract stipulates what is being provided in both goods and services. All liabilities and restrictions are explained. BB-Photography leaves nothing to be mis-understood by ourselves, or you. We are open and honest. It is below our standards to deceive you. We would rather give you something not explained than lose your respect. While the contract is important, we tend to approach the wedding in a loose fit manner. Weddings are dynamic, and not everyone thinks of everything. Spur of the moment situations and ideas are very easy to handle and adjust for. Again, it is your wedding day. It is a day of joy and celebration. BB-Photography keeps this in mind and wants to deliver what you want, what your need, what you expect. BB-Photography are anything but stuffed shirts. BB-Photography photographers fit in with the mood of the day and are approachable. BB-Photography does weddings because they are fun and exciting. This is not just a job to us. Photographers ask, 'How can you shoot weddings, they are so stressful?" BB-Photography sees nothing more enjoyable about photographing people that are at one of the most emotional pinnacles of their lives. You will love our pictures. BB-Photography delivers the unexpected. All our final images are fully rendered to remove imperfections and blemishes. BB-Photography does all our own editing and pay attention to how we and you see yourself. You want something changed, talk to us. Again, we are approachable. Your Wedding Photography should be an event and be eventless. We at BB-Photography make that happen. FREE pre-wedding consultation EMAIL: [email protected] WebSite: www.....org
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