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Looking For A Wedding Photographer In Princeville, Kuai Sept 3 For 1.5 Hours For Very Small Wedding

Princeville, Hawaii
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Photographer Job in Princeville, Hawaii

We are on a really tight budget but are looking for a photographer to take our wedding pics only for 1.5 hours (if that long!) on the beach in Princeville. As you can see from our pic, we are pretty adorable...at least that's what our moms tell us...Wedding is wednesday Sept 3 and only a few people. We don't have a whole lot of money and wish we could afford more because the pictures are a huge part of any wedding. So, we are very open to someone who is starting out or just incredibly generous. As unrealistic as it sounds, we have about $300 to spend... tops. I know this usually involves someone's grandma taking iPhone pics for that price, but we were hoping for a little more. If out of the kindness of your heart you want to help out two kids in love who are broke and just want some photos, we would love you forever. ps...if your gram-gram is a whiz with iPhone pics...we may consider it. Thank you in advance for even CONSIDERING this.
Ren and Matt.. we have 2 phone numbers: mine is in the process of a change over, so if it doesn't work, call Matt.
Ren: 435-901-...
Matt: 949-413-...

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